Advertisers have to pay only if a certain action that is settled takes place. It is the smallest investment online. The performance marketing campaign is measured as:

  • CPC - Cost Per Click: It is price advertiser pay based on click on marketing campaigns. The CPC depends upon the number of factors such as quality score, Ad Rank and maximum bid.
  • CPI- Cost Per Install: The CPI is specific to mobile application (App) as per the installation. The advertiser is charged a fixed/bid rate when the App is installed only.
  • CPM-Cost Per Mile: For CPM also knows Cost Per thousand, an advertiser pays for one thousand clicks or views.
  • CPL-Cost Per Lead: For CPL advertiser pays explicitly if someone sign-up a form (considered as Lead) for any offer.

If you are ready to invest in paid marketing to enhance your profits and better ROI, you surely can go ahead with Paid Campaigns.