The present, coming and even the old generation are more prone to mobile phones than any other mode of communication. SMS is one of the oldest ways of sending messages across to communicate with anyone you wish to.

In the Era of Smartphones, SMS are replaced by other messaging apps like WhatsApp.  But still when we look on the business point of view Bulk SMS is one of the convenient and affordable marketing services to be used across every corner of the world.

Profuse services have catered every business niche, from mid-size to the large size with a safeguard SMS gateway. We are one of the leading and reliable Bulk SMS service providers in Bangalore and Providing service across India.

Bulk SMS is a markable innovation that helps to connect with a customer in a cost-effective manner and comes with its own features:

  • SMS marketing reaches more target audiences; better conversion/response rates compare to advisement on any other conventional media.
  • SMS marketing is affordable, faster, reliable to promote any service or product.